Caption competition - March


Winner: - Vince: "How in the world are you going to make this into an outfit??"

Andy: "I don't care Vince, I want it!" - Ben

The best of the rest!

"ooh, careful Vince, that odd looking box contains my straighteners!" - Shazza B

"Look at my hair Vince. You should really check the power cables before we start." - Jamie Sheehy

Vince - "Look, you stick to singing and I'LL play guitar! Upside down indeed... The very idea!" - Peter

"you've not played the guitar for a while have you Vince?!" - Mark Brierley

"DAMN GUM............" - Owen McCabe

"I'm having second thoughts about this guitar costume Vince!" - T Foster

"Still nothing Andy, I'll try changing the CPU if I can get this cover off!" - T Foster

"I wish he'd strum my guitar!" - Gregory Hardwick

"I'm sure there's a midi input here somewhere" - Patrick

"Vince your stella isnt there I drank it" - Lee Openshaw

Treasure? - David

Waiting for the man - David Rose

"If we connect it, I think it would sound better" - Dominique Aros Orellana

 "Yeah, I have no idea either . . ." - David Bowles

 "Hmm...was I supposed to plug this one on this side?" - Ann

"where's that damn oscillator?" - Mark Pugh

"watch me!! a new way to play" - Donnie J Buckler

"No, Andy, I don't know what it is either!" - Chris Tyhurst


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