Andy Bell


New single out 26th of September. Available on 2 CDs and DVD single.

CD 1

1. Crazy [Radio Edit]

2. Little Girl Lies

CD 2

1. Crazy [Cicada Vocal Mix]

2. Crazy [MHC Master Mix]

3. Crazy [King Roc Remix]

4. Crazy [Vince Clarke Remix]

5. Crazy [Album Version]

DVD Single

1. Crazy [Video]

2. Crazy [Acoustic]

3. Names Change

12" Vinyl - released 10th of October

A. Crazy [King Roc Remix]

B. Crazy [Cicada Dub]*

* Exclusive mix not on any of the first 3 formats.

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Digital downloads of all tracks are available from itunes


North American release

CD maxi-single - released 4th of October

1. Crazy (MHC Stateside Remix) *

2. Crazy (MHC Stateside Dub) *

3. Crazy (MHC Alternative Stateside Remix) *

4. Crazy (Original Radio Edit)

5. Crazy (Cicada Vocal Remix)

6. Crazy (King Roc Remix)

7. Crazy (Vince Clarke Remix)

8. Crazy (MHC Master Mix)

9. Crazy Video

* Exclusive to American release.

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